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10 things you must know if want to live cancer free

Do you have a history of cancer in your family?

If not, I’m sure you must know someone who has lost their life to cancer.

Even though it’s a terrible fact, it’s really no surprise!

According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2016 there were 1,685,210 of new cases of cancer with 595.690 deaths.

And it seems we are no nearer having a cure for cancer than we were 10 years ago.


The odds of surviving cancer are so much greater if you take responsibility and look after your health and well-being.

Like they say “Prevention is better than cure!”

In fact, there are so many things we can do to prevent us getting cancer, it just means making some better choices.

So let me show you how!

What you are going to learn

  • The reason why prevention is better than cure
  • 10 things you can do right now to prevent cancer
  • Why taking action is the key to surviving cancer


The reason why prevention is better than cure.

First of all, I want you to think of owning a car.

It has a check-up/service; you repair any dents and scratches and check the oil levels.

You don’t make the mistake that you think you have a monster truck, and take it over rocky tracks that damage the suspension!

And of course, if there is anything major you will take it to a garage to be repaired.

Basically, it’s your responsibility to do anything to keep it on the road!

Now, if you did not do anything and just hoped it would be ok, I’m sure you would agree your car would not last very long.

It would either have lots of problems that would just keep getting worse and worse.

Maybe the engine would blow up because there is no oil in the engine.

Or like I did once, you put the wrong fuel in and damaged the whole engine.

Your mind and body are no different!

You need to have regular check-ups with your doctor to see if there is anything majorly wrong. I.e. cancer!

Even more so, if you are over the age of 50.

Also, making sure you are putting the right fuel/food into your body so it does not damage your engine/body.

Like your car.

It’s your responsibility to look after yourself so you can prevent developing major problems in the future.

And it’s not just cancer! Also heart disease, Joint problems, High blood pressure or even stress and anxiety, to name but a few.

I am sure you agree that prevention is far better than just hoping you will not break down!

Now it’s not beyond the realms of possibility you could make all the right choices and still get cancer.

Like your car, some things are just out of your control.

  • There are things that you can control and can change,
  • Other things you can influence and persuade others to change and finally
  • There are those things that you cannot


“Control the controllable” as the saying goes.

“You take control of those things that you can control” says Stephen Covey


And there is still something you can do for the things you cannot control

Thomas Miller in his book “How to want what you have” suggested that if we cannot change it, we must accept it.

This enables us not to suffer and to be aware of what is going on.

What the hell does that mean! You may ask!


If you have cancer you are probably suffering with pain and stress on a daily bases, because you want the situation to be different.

Basically, it’s getting too much!

But even then, we do have a choice!

There are things we can do to reduce the suffering. (more on that later)

Only if we accept what is going on now can we make choices that improve our life and reduce our suffering.

The reality is, if what we are doing now is not working, and then we can change our behaviour to give ourselves the best possible chance of surviving.

Instead of burying our head in the sand and hoping it will be ok!

“Suffering is to want reality to be different from how it is” TWEET THIS

Or as Byron Katie puts it “When you argue with reality, you always lose – but only 100% of the time” and “I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.”

Every expert will confirm that if you make the right choices, you will dramatically reduce the risk of developing cancer or any of the other major diseases.

Even if we develop cancer we can still make good lifestyle choices that not only helps prevent the situation getting worse but may even cure the cancer altogether.

It’s a win – win!

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Yes, it may be scary and I’m not saying it is going to be easy.

But, if you know you are making poor choices and don’t make the change now you will be putting yourself at risk of a doctor someday giving you some very bad news!

Whether that is cancer or another life threating disease.


Making the right choices can be difficult if we don’t have the facts!

10 shocking facts about cancer that you need to know right now!

10 shocking facts about cancer

I am sure you agree, they are quite shocking facts.

But, instead of thinking how terrible they are, use it to your advantage.

Say to yourself I’m not going to be another statistic!

I am going to start making better choices right now in this very moment that will increase my chances of avoiding cancer!

So! If your family has a history of cancer, it does not mean you will get it too!

In fact, it’s more likely that lifestyle is the reason our families has a history of developing cancer.

To break that cycle, all we have to do is to simply make better lifestyle choices.

Ok Mark, I now know that prevention is the best course of action.

But how do I know I am putting myself at risk of getting cancer?

I am glad you asked!

Well, prevention has a lot to do with our lifestyle. We are all going about our daily lives walking around with blind folds on.

Never stopping and taking that blindfold off and really looking at how our lifestyle is affecting our mind and bodies, not just us but our loved ones too.

Or in this case cancer!

So to bring you up to speed…

6 things you can do right now that drastically prevents you from getting cancer!

1 Eating a healthy diet

The first and one of the most important is eating a healthy diet.

According to cancer research UK, our diet has been linked to many different cancers:

  • Mouth cancer
  • Upper throat cancer
  • Larynx cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Bowel cancer


There is so much information on what’s the right food we should be eating, that we can’t see the wood for trees.

Low fat this… reduced calories that!

In fact, all we need to do is eat real food!

So if you are serious about preventing cancer you need to know what food you are putting in your body.

I don’t know about you I like to keep things simple. So here are some simple changes to your diet that will help prevent cancer!

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables

In fact, like me I would base your whole diet on fruits, vegetables or anything else that grows out of the ground like whole grains, beans and natural nuts.

  • Stay away from processed foods and takeaways.

It is not just the burgers, Indian/Chinese takeaways, donuts and cakes..

Basically, if it is in packet don’t put it in your mouth!

  • Also avoid foods products with the word “light”, “low Fat” or “Non-Fat” in their names!

Just because you remove the name fat, does not mean it is not fattening or healthy.

We then think we can eat more just because it says “Low Fat” on the label!

In fact, they are just as unhealthy, as they are full of refined sugars.

Since the low-fat campaigns began in late 1970, Americans actually have been eating 500 more calories per day.

And, most of these calories are in the form or refined sugars!

2 Stop drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol dramatically increases your chances of getting breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, kidney and also liver.

You will be more at risk if you have been drinking regularly for a long period of time and also the risk is high if you are a heavy drinker.

So it is in your best interest to stop. I stopped drinking 10 years ago and I have never looked back!

However if you think you have drink problem, go and get some help…

3 Include Apoptosis Foods in your diet.

Apoptosis is a natural process for when a cell commits suicide to protect the body. This only happens when a cell detects damage.

But in cancer cells this does not happen. But scientists still do not know why this happens.

However, there are foods that are proven to force the cancer cells to commit suicide just as if it was happening naturally. These are called Apoptosis Foods

Here are some you can try:

  • Green Tea – 
  • peas, beans lentils
  • blueberries, strawberries ,raspberries
  • broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,
  • kale and turnips
  • Tomatoes

Also, if you have been diagnosed with cancer ask your doctor about using apoptosis-causing foods.

3 Stop smoking

We all know the danger of smoking, especially the link with lung cancer!

So, giving up smoking is one of the important things you can do, to not only prevent cancer but also other deadly diseases.

Even if we do not smoke, just breathing in other peoples smoke can put your health at risk!

If are a smoker and have tried to give up in past, keep trying until you find the best way for you! There are many ways that could help you break the habit for good!

  • Find your motivation.

In this case it may be to help prevent yourself from getting cancer. But it could be for your children and family or whatever drives you forward to being a non-smoker.

You are the only one who knows what is going to motivate you!

  • Try nicotine patches and gum.

You are going to face some resistance to spark up again. To combat this, try using nicotine patches or even nicotine gum.

It may sound simple but, this could mean the difference between giving up completely or going back to your smoking habit.

Have a chat with you doctor to find out more.

  • Tell others you are quitting.

Having support while you are trying to give smoking is must! But most of us try to keep it to ourselves.

The thing is, if you don’t tell family, friend and work mates, how can they support you?

Tell your friends and family, you just might need them when the going gets tough!

Label yourself ‘A Non-Smoker’ to yourself and everybody you meet.

4 Sleep well

This is one of the least well known ways that helps to prevent cancer.

But you also may not know that an average of 1-10 of us experience some kind of sleep problems.

Where we are always waking up or are easily disturbed.

However, there are some simple ways to help with sleep problems:

  • Get up and go to bed at the same time every day.
  • Only use bed for sleep.
  • Go bed only when you feel very sleepy.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine just before bed
  • If you are still not asleep after 30 minutes, get up and do something you find boring.
  • Listen to a relaxing mp3 before you sleep

I personally listen to an mp3, but you will find the one that works for you?

5 Getting enough Exercise

Be honest with yourself, do you do enough exercise?

According to the American Cancer Society, at least 30 minutes of daily exercise is needed to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Now, I would like to point out, this is beyond your daily activities!

So if you walk to work every day, sorry, that will not count!

Now, you may think, I don’t want to run around the block 3 times or go to the gym 5 times week.

That’s absolutely fine,

So find something that you will enjoy!

The best part is, it won’t feel like exercise because you will be enjoying yourself so much!

Trust me, you will know when find it!

And you will be astonished on how it can change your life!

5 Avoiding stress and staying relaxed

If you only took action on one thing from this post, this would be it!

In fact, this could change your life!

Stress plays massive part in developing not only cancer but all the major diseases that we experience today.

Now, because I believe this to be so important and I really want you to understand how stress can affect your mind and body.

But more importantly,

I want you to Increase the chance of you NOT developing cancer in the future.

So read what I wrote for you! It’s free…

Now, that you know why you should choose prevention rather than waiting for cancer to arrive on your door step.

And you have also learned 6 ways that can help prevent cancer.

But these are just words on the screen unless we take action.

To make sure you don’t just read this post and forget it! Take a look at the video below..

Here are a couple of infographics I found helpful, I hope they help you too.

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