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4 steps on how to quit smoking for good and never look back!

If you are reading this right now I will assume you want to give up smoking.

Or you‘re seriously thinking about it!

Now at this point I could give you a lecture on how bad smoking is for your health.

But you already know that!

Even when the packet of cigarettes has graphic pictures to try to put you off taking another puff of the chemically enhanced killing stick.

And do they work? NO!

So! I am going take it that you are really serious about kicking your smoking habit right out of your life for good, to give yourself the best chance to longer!

If you are still here I will take that as a YES!

Let’s get to it…

What you are going to learn from this post

  • Why your smoking addiction is more than just a habit.
  • 4 steps to quit smoking for good and never look back!
  • Discover what happens to your lungs when you stop smoking.
  • The number one thing you must do if you have a relapse.


Why your smoking addiction is more than just a habit!

As I mentioned earlier I’m not going to go on about why smoking is bad for you. You just need to know how to quit!

And let’s get real here it is not going to be a walk in the park either!

If you have tried to give up before you know first-hand what a challenge it can be. With the obvious addiction, smoking is also part of your life.

  • You are always taking smoking breaks at work with your workmates…
  • Every time you have a drink you feel that you have a cigarette…
  • Most of your family and friends you socialise with, regularly smoke, which are always sharing cigarettes…
  • When you feel under pressure you go straight for the packet of cigarettes…
  • You simply enjoy smoking…
  • At certain times of the day, you have to have a smoke, maybe first thing in the morning or just before you go into work.


Does it sound familiar to you?

More than likely the answer is yes! In fact you may have more to add to that list.

This is why it is not only tough to stop the addition; you also have to come to terms that your day to day routine is going to have to change.

In fact, I would go as far to say that your addiction to smoking and you daily routine is like a deadly partnership.


This does not mean it is not possible to give up smoking. Thousands of people are giving up this deadly habit every single day.

So there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same.

With that in mind let’s show you how to quit smoking and never look back!

4 steps to quit smoking for good and never look back!


Step 1. Give yourself a reason.

If you don’t have a goal to work towards to keep you motivated you will probably full of the wagon very quickly.

So you have got to ask yourself “why do I need to give up?”

Your answer may be something like this…

  • I want to be able to play with my kids without getting out of breath.
  • Want to feel healthier and live longer so that I can be with my family as long as possible.
  • Set a good example to your children.
  • Treat yourself with the money you have saved.


Of course, this is very personal to you.

Now you have your goal, write it down on a small piece of paper in the present tense.

Here is example…

“Now that I have given up smoking I am so happy that I can run around with my kids without getting out of breath”

Or it could even be a picture of your kids?

Whatever you choose, carry this small piece of paper around everywhere you go. You could even put it in the packet of cigarettes.

Also, write on the piece of paper a set date when you will have given up completely.

This will give the motivation to keep on track.

Step 2. Tell everyone that you know.

Be brave! Tell everyone you know that you will have given up smoking by your set date and tell them why you are giving up.

While you are on a roll, also ask them not to smoke around you and don’t offer you cigarettes.

This will give you, even more, motivation to give up smoking, even if it is to avoid them, I told you so speech.

You may find that someone will try to give up smoking as well; they just needed the incentive to do it.


Step 3. Your triggers and routine.

As you start on your journey to kick your smoking habit you are going to notice when you crave a cigarette the most.

As we talked about before, your smoking habit is ingrained in your day to day routine that we do not even notice the patterns until we start to give up smoking.

It’s only then we start to realise when our cravings at their strongest.

For example;

  • When you are at your local bar, you have a drink in your hand and you need to have something to put in your mouth (i.e. a cigarette)
  • Early mornings as you wake up or with cup of coffee in the morning you need to have a craving for a cigarette.
  • Lunch breaks at work or just before work you feel the need to have a smoke.
  • When you feel under pressure, like at work, for example, you reach straight for the packet of cigarettes

Once you know what your triggers and routines you will find it far much easier to control them.

Step 4. Dealing with cravings

Knowing how to deal with a craving when it rears its ugly head is must if you are going to be successful in reaching your goal to give smoking.

So to keep you on track here are some simple ways to beat those cravings.


If you get the urge to put something in your mouth (i.e. cigarette) try to have a healthy snack close to hand.

  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Apple
  • Nuts

Do whatever you think would work for you; try to keep it healthy if you can.


10 minutes of regular exercise a day is a great way to lower the intensity of your cravings. You will also feel much healthier and happier.

In fact, making overall better health and lifestyle choices, alongside regular exercise is not only good to help stop the cravings.

But also combat the weight gain ex-smokers experience once they have given up smoking.

Here are a few suggestions…

  • Healthy balanced diet ( link to food rules post)
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Making sure you are getting enough sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water.



Try to distract yourself when you experience a craving by trying to keep busy

This will take your mind of the thought of having another cigarette. Just make sure you don’t procrastinate, once you start to feel like you want have sneaky smoke do something else to distract yourself as quickly as possible!

  • Cooking
  • If you have a child, play a game with them.
  • Listen to some music
  • Find a hobby or a sport that enjoy
  • Take a shower
  • Go for a run
  • Look at your written goal.


Basically, anything you can think of that will stop you thinking about your craving.

Ok, let’s move on…

You are now well on your way to nicotine freedom.

You may be thinking, is all this work making any difference to my long term health.

When I have given up smoking for good how long will it take to be as healthy as person who has never smoked?

Keep reading and I will show…

Discover what happens to my lungs when I stop smoking?

Conventional medicine has brainwashed us into thinking our bodies are weak and needs all the help it can get to recover from disease and chronic pain.

This is simply not true!

Our bodies and minds are super healing machines, this never stops! No matter what your age!

In fact, you could not stop this healing power it if wanted to!

Do you realise your body is not the same as it was yesterday and it will not be the same tomorrow or the day after that.

That includes your cells, skin, muscles, bones and of course your lungs. In fact, your whole body is rebuilding itself every single minute.

So now that you know this do think that your lungs and overall health can improve. Or even go back to the same as a healthy person who has never smoked in their life.

Well in short, yes!

And this is what happens when you stop smoking.


The number one thing you must do if you relapse

You may be thinking 20 years is a long time,

But the fact is, it will be even longer if do not start right now!

As I have shown you, your body is well on its way to recovery after only 3 days!


This was never going to be a walk in the park and you may have a relapse and have a quick cigarette or two.

If this does happen, don’t be too hard on yourself. Most smokers may have as much as 5 relapses and still manage to quit.

Relapses happen often happen in the first week.

If this does happen to you, don’t give up! Brush yourself down and go again.

My advice is don’t hang about, do it as quick as possible, don’t start thinking all the negative thoughts on that why’s and how’s.

It’s in the past there is nothing you can do about it now!  Don’t procrastinate, move on!

Here is a video I created a little while ago regarding procrastination, it may have a few nuggets to help you get started:

Remember thousands of smokers are giving up every day and there is no reason at all that you cannot give smoking as well.

You also have a great resource in front of you right now to give up smoking and never look back.

Let me know below if this was any help in any way. Maybe you could share this with someone who has struggled to give up in the past.

After all, it’s free!

That’s all for today speak soon,


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