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Copy These 40 Proven Examples of People Healing Themselves With Their Minds!

Let me ask you this?

Are you fed up with taking medication and having to cope with all the side effects that go with modern medication?

Also, you may have heard stories of people completely healing themselves of disease and suffering without a doctor in sight!

In fact, all they used was the power of their minds!

Now, if you are reading this right now you are at the very least, interested on how the mind affects the body.

But at the same time, you may be are a bit sceptical.

Look I get it! I really do!

I was in your shoes early 2000, I was very low and even considered suicide!

I was also in therapy for 2 years.


I would not blame anyone, as I had made the choices that lead to the darkest point in my life.

My therapist suggested, because of my mindset I should read a book called “I Can Heal Your Life “by Louise L Hay.

This, along with a conversation with a deputy manager at work was the turning point of my life!

I started to acquire as much knowledge as I possibly could and soon realised that pain and suffering do not have to control my life.

In fact, I learned that I had much more control over my emotions, events and outcomes than I ever thought possible!

Just by using the power of the mind!

I was so inspired, my particular journey then directed me to qualify as a Hypnotherapist, choosing to specialise in Pain Management, Recovery and Performance.

Before completing several courses including Mindfulness, Basic Buddhism, and a very interesting course in a pain management technique called Noesitherapy.

I really do believe that you too can be inspired to find out how to use the incredible healing power of your mind to naturally heal almost anything!

Although, unlike me, whereas I researched for week after week to get the information I needed.

And then proceeded to put all the information I had found into one book!

Here are some examples from that book “Your Body Only Better” that I hope will not only blow your mind!

But inspire you to change your whole life.

Ok, that’s bold claim!

But I am living to prove it can change your life far more than you ever thought possible!

Now I have broken them down into 4 sections and some have a link below for more information.

Ok, Let do it!

What you are going to learn from this post!

10 Reasons why you can control pain with your mind.

10 Techniques to help you control pain with your mind.

10 Examples of people healing their body with their mind.

10 Techniques to help the body recover using the mind.

First up is…

10 Reasons Why You Can Control Pain With Your Mind.

1 – No More Morphine

During WW2, Henry Beecher ran out of Morphine whilst treating US soldiers injured in battle. He continued injecting with just saline: 40% of the soldiers reported pain relief from the placebo.

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2 – Meditation and Pain
A North Carolina study showed that one hour’s meditation training helped participants reduce pain by almost 50%. The pain relieving effects were considered even greater than those of morphine!

“Most people can learn to meditate and gain even more control over their pain.”

3 – Dental Injection
Two groups both received a placebo tablet to control the pain of a forthcoming injection. The 1st group were told that the tablet may or may not work. The 2nd group were told how amazing the tablet was at controlling the pain of the injection. The 2nd group experienced less pain and anxiety.

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4 – Operation Relaxation

Published in the Western Journal of Medicine, a study of recovery from pain compared two groups of awake but sedated patients. One group received attention and general care, while the other group had the same care but with guided meditation – the final group recovered quickest, with less pain, anxiety and medication.

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“Have you noticed that when people are in pain they sometimes return to the fetal position? It looks like this unusual position may help with the pain.”

5 – Phantom Pain
Les Femi PhD discussed how a patient of his could still feel pain in a leg which had been amputated due to a traffic accident. He stated that around 95% of all amputees still feel pain in the missing limb.

“This shows that the brain really does interpret pain and it is not purely physical.”

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6 – Plasticity of the Brain
Studies in the 1990s discovered that our brain can adapt and change to form new pathways and frequencies. By changing our perspective of the pain we can change how it feels.

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7 – Meditation
A 2009 study by the University of North Carolina found that patients meditating for 20 minutes a day for 3 days, even if they had never meditated before, could change their perception to their pain.

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In 1997, a Bassman and Wester study developed the following acronym:

Noticing where I am relatively comfortable
ptimising the control I have

Motivating myself to engage in positive activities
Opening my mind to new possibilities and choices (being flexible as much as possible)
Relaxing in some regular way, e.g. using self-hypnosis regularly
Evaluating my time and priorities (Recall that managing chronic pain can be a full-time job)

Practicing self-hypnosis to gain some control over my pain and other symptoms
Avoiding stressful and conflictual situations as much as possible
Individualizing my schedule and not being afraid to make “downtime” when the pain flares up Negotiating support from others

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9 – Believe it Won’t Work?
A 2011 study by the University of Oxford using brain imaging showed that if a patient did not believe in an effective pain medication the drug’s chance of working was reduced or could be totally overridden.

“Amazing! This shows the power of our expectations and beliefs.”

10 – Vicious Cycle
Howard Schubiner MD states that there are three major parts of our nervous system that create the vicious cycle of pain:

  1. The nerves that send pain signals from the body to the brain
  2. The brain itself, where those nerve signals are interpreted
  3. The nerves that send signals back to the body

He continues by saying we can, with a variety of techniques, retrain our brain to manage these three parts of the pain cycle.

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10 Techniques To Help You Control Pain With Your Mind.

1 – Dr Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

  • Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound as you do.
  • Close your mouth, then inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.
  • Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  • Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight. This is one breath.
  • Repeat the cycle three more times.

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2 – Mantra
Sitting on a chair, take a few deep breaths. Repeat a mantra, which is best for you, over and over. If you prefer, writing it over and over again helps too.

An example of a mantra could be “I am in control of my pain and discomfort” or “Every day, hour, minute and second I am becoming more and more comfortable.”.

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3 – Noesitherapy
This method is surprisingly effective at reducing and numbing sensations. The key is keeping your mouth full of saliva and focusing on the part of the body you numb, e.g. the right arm. Say and repeat to yourself 3 times, with the saliva in your mouth;
“My Right Arm [or any other part of your body] is completely psychologically anaesthetised”

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4 – Positive Imagery

Think of your safest, happiest and most relaxing place. Picture every detail of yourself there and immerse yourself in this place – sights, sounds, smells and emotions.

5 – Your Present Moment
Describe everything you are experiencing in the present moment, without anxieties about the past or worries about the future. Focus solely on the concrete description in the now, like “I am sitting in this chair with my feet on the ground, wearing a red jumper in discomfort”.

Keep away from emotional descriptors such as “excruciating”, “frustrated”, “angry”, etc. – they only confuse this exercise. Just concentrate and become aware of what you are doing now that can be seen.

“By accepting where you are right now, you have the foundations to change and build the next moment upon.”

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6 – Body Scan
Take a few deep breaths to relax and then start by taking your attention and breath to the thumb on the right hand. Work your way along your hand, up your arm, around your shoulder, down your back on the right side, down your right leg and foot, taking your breath and attention to each part as you go. Repeat on the left side before focusing on your neck and around the parts of your head. If you discover any tension or discomfort, focus your breath and love on the area, then continue on with the body scan until you have finished.

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7 – Meditation
Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths in and out, with no emotional reaction or attachment to the pain. Be aware of its sensation. Don’t try and push it away, just sit with the pain and realise that at the moment it is part of you, but with no emotional reaction within. You are just sitting, breathing and being with the pain in acceptance – you may even want to dance with the pain.

“Like any conflict, it is generally resolved by talking and even friendship.”

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8 – Exercise
Practising light forms of exercise, like Yoga or Tai Chi, can help keep you flexible and loose to enable your outer body, as well as your inner body, to flow and move. This also produces endorphins, known to be a natural painkiller.

9 – Dissolve Pain
Taking a few deep breaths, close your eyes and become aware of yourself sat in the room. Then imagine feeling the space that your whole body occupies, imagine feeling the space between the center of the pain or discomfort you feel and the back of your body and finally imagine feeling the space between your thumb and forefinger. Really visualise that space and its feeling before opening your eyes.

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10 – Prepare Yourself
When you notice the pain arising, try saying to yourself – “I’m going to get ready to deal with this. I can handle this. I have coped with this before. This time it will be easier for me to manage. I will be okay. I can listen to what my body is telling me. I can learn something from this. It’s a shame to waste ‘good pain’.”

“Preparing is step one of four from Bruce Eimer’s Stress Inoculation Training – the others focus on ‘during’, ‘the worst moments’ and ‘after’ the pain.”

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10 Examples of People Healing Their body With Their Mind.

1 – Pacemaker
In 1999 a Swedish hospital fitted 80 heart patients with a pacemaker to help with their condition. However, they only switched on 40 of the 80 pacemakers. The results after 3 months were that both groups stated they felt better and had increased use of the heart.

2 – Heart and the Canoe
A patient with blocked arteries, after every other option was tried, was told by his doctor to visualise. For 20 minutes each day the patient imagined he was paddling through his arteries scraping and clearing any blockages. After a couple of months the x-rays showed his arteries were much clearer, and he was no longer needing his wheelchair.

“Visualisation is good enough to improve performance in Olympians, so why not for us and our health?”

3 – Breast Cancer Recovery
A study by Belgian Professor Fabienne Roelants found that patients undergoing breast cancer surgery recovered more quickly if they had hypnosis and local anaesthetic. Each patient needed fewer painkillers and left the hospital a day earlier than those who had the same operation with a general anaesthetic.

4 – Breathe Mindfully
In a study of 40 people with asthma, each was given an inhaler which contained nothing but water vapour, however, they were told it contained a drug that would tighten the airways. 19 of the 40 people experienced breathing difficulties and of the 19, 12 experienced an asthma attack. These 19 were then given the same water vapour but this time was told it would help their symptoms and it did.

“Just through suggestion alone an asthma attack can appear, so why not suggest to ourselves daily that we intend to get well quicker?”

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5 – Imagine Yourself Stronger
The Lerner Research Institute split 30 volunteers into two groups. One group was given a little finger exercise for 15 minutes a day.

The second group was asked to do the same exercise but to only use their minds. The results after 12 weeks were; the little fingers’ strength improved by 53% for the exercise group, compared to an amazing 35% for those who only used their mind.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger imagined his biceps ‘as big as mountain peaks’ as he did curling exercises, it seems to have worked for him.”

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6 – The Power of Belief
A study by The British Stomach Cancer Group found that 30% percent of a Placebo group lost their hair and 56% were sick when taking nothing more than a sugar pill.

“The power of belief and expectation is very fascinating. It makes me wonder what else belief can do.”

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7 – Hypno-Band
A lady lost 55lb using hypnosis. She was encouraged to believe she’d had gastric band surgery, thus reducing the amount of food her stomach could take at one time.

“If you can lose weight through hypnotic gastric band surgery, I wonder what other Hypno suggestive surgery could help us with in our lives.”

8 – Cancer Be Gone
David Seidler, the writer of ‘The King’s Speech’, tells of how he felt he had nothing to lose by trying to imagine his bladder cancer away.

He did this for the two weeks leading up to his operation. At the pre-op biopsy, they could find very little sign of any cancer.

“There are lots of stories of how people who tell of how they imagined their cancer away.”

9 – Whatever You Think
Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation stated that if studies prove that we can make ourselves ill with our minds, then it goes without saying that we can make ourselves better with our minds too.

“I, for one, feel this is true, because the more studies I read, the more I am sure that our mind has the ability to make us both poorly and well.”

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10 – Spontaneous Remissions
Erik Peper, Ph.D student at Harvard, reported on all the cases of spontaneous remissions from cancer. The repeating factor throughout the recoveries was that the individuals took responsibility for their body and health. They developed an attitude of hope, effort, determination and positivity.

“The Silva Method states that to make positive Mind-Body changes, a person needs desire, belief and expectancy that the event will occur.”

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10 Techniques To Help The Body Recover Using The Mind.

1 – Imagine the Growth Melting
Picture your growth or tumour just melting away. You could visualise a mini you shrinking down, going into your body, and melting it with a blow torch, or you could instruct your body to heat it up and melt it away.

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2  – Blood Flow
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Take your focus to your heart and imagine all the blood flowing around your body. As it does, notice all the nutrients you need to live are being transported to where it is needed. Imagine a vehicle picking up the nutrients and needs for the part of your body that you would like to recover. Once full, deliver it to this part of your body and notice how it improves and changes.

“Dr. Parkyn[4] says: “No organ of the body can perform its functions properly when the amount of blood supplied to it is insufficient.”

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3 – Popping Balloons
Picture the ill or unhealthy cells as balloons and imagine them being popped and disappearing.

“This is a very powerful meditation as each time you do it you can feel that there is less and less illness in your body.”

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4 – Affirmations
“In every way, I am getting better and better.” is one affirmation that can be repeated over and over each day.
You can repeat this until your body understands this is what you would like it to do and you believe this is what is happening.

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5 – Intention
If we intend to do something we generally do it because we put our focus on it. So, it is worth repeatedly affirming to yourself: “I intend to recover”, “I intend to get over this condition”, or whatever works for you, always beginning with “I intend…”.
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6 – Magic Eraser
On a piece of paper, with your body shape drawn on it draw in pencil the object or growth on the paper which represents its position in your body. Then, carefully and mindfully, happily remove it with an eraser. You could also say to yourself, or out loud, as you are doing this: “I erase this growth on this piece of paper. I erase this growth from my body.”.

7 – Ask Your Doctor & Imagine Recovery
Find out from your doctor exactly what would need to happen for you to make a full recovery. Once you know, picture this happening inside your body. Imagine it over and over again.

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8 – Give Thanks
Speak as if you already have what you want as it is much more likely to manifest. For example, “I give thanks for my ever-increasing health, beauty and vitality.”
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9 – Spiritual Affirmations
A magazine called ‘Universal Truth’ suggests these daily affirmations.

Monday – Perfect health is my external birthright.

Tuesday – I have a health of intellect, therefore I have wise judgment and clear understanding.

Wednesday – I am morally healthful, therefore in all my dealings I love to realise that I am quickened by the spirit of integrity.

Thursday – Healthfulness of soul gives me a pure heart and righteousness of motive in everything I do.

Friday – Meditation upon the health of my real being out pictures in physical health and strength, in even temper, joyous spirits and in kind words.

Saturday – My health, is inexhaustible, because I keep my eye steadily fixed upon its eternal Principle, and my mouth filled with words of its Omnipotence.

Sunday – The Father and I are one; one in purpose, alike in Substance, and one in manifestation

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10 – Autosuggestion

State what you need for recovery and repeat to yourself as many times as you can throughout the day. For example, if you have poor digestion you could say, “I am improving, my stomach is doing its work well, digesting what it is given, the nourishment is assimilated, and it is getting better and better each day.”.

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Let me take a breath!

As you can see there is so evidence that the mind and body connection is very real!

Now all that is needed is for you is to take action, you will not regret it!

I am living proof!

Just find the one that inspired you the most, and run with it!

If by any chance you did not find any that inspired you?

There are another 160 examples in my book!

If you know of any more examples please share or comment below.

I love to hear your stories.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me

Until the next time,

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