Another Great Mind Power Technique for Reducing Pain

In the last post I promised to share another great mind power technique for reducing pain and here it is.

It is called Noesitherapy.

Dr Angel Escudero has performed many operations without any anaesthesia other than his self-developed Noesitherapy.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to learn more about this technique and try it out for myself. We started by watching a similar video to this:

The video, from a BBC documentary, shows a lady having an operation with only Noesitherapy as pain control, it is truly amazing, Dr Escudero also shares how simple it is to use his method. You also see Dr Escudero demonstrating Noesitherapy to a businessman who is truly shocked at how easy this technique is to use.

I have had the opportunity to practice Noesitherapy on quite a few people now, the one that always stays in my mind is when a friend of mine who was blown away at how successful this technique was after just a couple of minutes tuition.

So how is it done? It is surprisingly simple and with a little practice, you can be good at it too. (Watch the video for more information)

The Noesitherapy Technique

  1. Fill your mouth with Saliva
  2. Clearly state “My (Name Body Part) is completely psychologically anesthetized” and repeat this three times

You can see this in the video if you want to check it out further.

Following on from Noesitherapy, Hypnoesitherapy has been developed which is similar but involves relaxation and an interaction and discussion with the therapist too. When I tested this technique again today it produced equally astounding results.

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I for one am a convert, even though it sounded and still does sounds to be too good to be true, don’t knock this until you have tried it!

To learn more you can read a freely available book by Dr Escudero – Healing by Thinking by Dr Escudero

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