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Can our minds delay extend our life?

This is an interesting question because if it means we have so much power within us, even if we don’t yet know it. So can our minds extend our life?

Some may feel this is a sombre subject to bring up. I would just say that no live person has ever reached the age of 200. So it is, pretty much, certain that we are all going to pass away at some point. So let’s accept it and use it as a tool to fully appreciate life. This allows us not to be shocked when our time does come, although we all want that to be as far away from now as possible.

I would like to share with you a few stories that I feel demonstrate the minds potential to delay death.

For the first time in a New York hospices history, not a single person died in a calendar month, that month was December 1999. After the first week of January, when the number were high, all the figures went back to the expected rates. Why do I feel this is? The patients wanted to see in the New Millennium so much that even death would not get in the way.

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I accept that had there been a severe failure of a major organ for one of the hospice’s residence there is nothing that could be done, but it does suggest to me that we can subconsciously (or even consciously) give up on life, due to lack or purpose.

Think of married couples who have been together for 40+ years and one passes away, the other half then can pass very shortly after or the time you hear or a grandparent who makes it to the wedding they have so wanted to go to before passing not long after.

And of course, there is the example of Tom who I discussed in our last post.

I would say that by listening to our intuition (Mind, Heart and Gut) we can discover what our purpose is for being alive and here? This will focus our mind on being alive.

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