Discover a Little Known Secret That You Must know if Want to Heal Yourself Naturally…

Can you really heal yourself? Without using, prescription drugs, surgery or even Chemotherapy.

My answer to that is a resounding big fat YES!

Your body strives to heal itself automatically, every single day.

And the fact is, there are examples everywhere, a cut healing, bruising appearing, healing and disappearing, a cold going after a few days and chicken pox healing. For all these examples the body is naturally doing it’s job.

So why isn’t everyone healing themselves naturally?

Well! The answer, in short, we are not taking 100% responsibility for our own recovery. Nobody else will, even your family, friends and Doctor.

Not because they don’t care but because they have their own life just as complicated as yours.

Only you can care totally for yourself. Don’t look what anyone else can do for you.

Just what you can do for yourself.

Even if that thing is going to the doctor or seeking help, you can always take responsible for your health.

Now! For some of us, that might be just too hard to take! That’s ok.

Or just maybe, we just do not know where to start, and that’s ok too!

Just accept where you are right now.

Start taking 100% responsibility and then move on to better choices.

As a wise monk once shared – The very fact that you are alive means anything is possible!

What you are going learn from this post.

  • Why you need to know what true health really means…
  • Find out why you are already an unstoppable self-healing miracle…
  • How to stop your body from growing diseases and make healthier choices…
  • Why you don’t follow the crowd and take 100% responsibility for your own healing…


Let’s do this!

Why You Need to Know What True Health Really Means…

Let me ask you this!

How do you define health?

If you are like most us the definition of health is….

  • By having a blood test and then being told you are within the correct range….
  • Our blood pressure needs to be at a certain level…
  • Cholesterol should be within two given numbers…

These are just numbers! This does not mean we are healthy!

Let’s say you have trouble sleeping, your doctor would give you sleeping tablets that basically make you lose consciousness. This is not sleep, not natural quality sleep!

Yes! Your doctor is right in his diagnosis, but that also does not mean you have to take pills for the rest of your life and cope with side effects that go with it!

Look for other healing options! Take responsibility for your own health!

So what is the definition of health?

Deep down we already know it! Health means quality of life.

What is your quality of life? And what does it mean for you?

  • Walk without pain
  • Positive outlook on life
  • Treating your body with respect
  • Time with the family
  • and so much more

Now! from this moment, try to think what health/quality of life means to you. What do you want to achieve in your life…how do want to feel every day?

When you know what health means for YOU and not from somewhere else.

You will soon realise that there is a choice, and medication is only one option or possibility to help. Instead, you can use the incredible healing power of your own body, like relaxation, meditation, visualisation, gratitude and hypnosis.

In the video above, I mention a link to a book about Spontaneous Remissions and the 8 characteristics needed for recovery, both from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Here it is, just for you.

Why You are Already an Unstoppable Self-Healing Miracle…

You are simply a miracle!

Your brain is more powerful than any supercomputer on the planet!

Your internal organs are a miracle of nature!

All this is happening by itself! I mean we are not plugged into the wall!

Basically, you are healing force of nature! And the only way we could even stop this power is to interfere with it, like modern Medicine some does.

With that said, this exactly what we do, we choose to take the tablets and pain killers instead of looking for healthier choices.

Medicine is a choice and we can ask ourselves if there is a more positive way we can overcome our illness.

Because medicine can get in the way of the healing power you already have.

Let me ask you this!

When was the last time you cut yourself?

Maybe it was a knife or you are like me, always cutting yourself while you were shaving.

More than likely the cut is dripping out with blood; you reach for a tissue or maybe a plaster. And then, of course, the blood stops running and starts to form a scab.

We all just take this process of healing for granted!

Now! Do you think you could stop the blood from clotting and forming a scab?

Of course not! You could not stop it, even if you wanted to! It will just happen anyway.

It is completely automatic, and the amazing fact that this healing takes place without any conscious involvement on your part.

Why don’t we always heal?

This is valid question!

If this is true we would all be healthy and why aren’t we healing everything else?

Again, we are not taking 100% responsibility and creating barriers that stop our own healing power.

Or to put it another way!

We are not making the right choices!

For example…

If we are dehydrated for most of the time, and to be quite honest most of us are without even realising it!

Your body will automatically try to heal itself by trying to reduce the loss of water and this can lead to restricted breathing and other problems.

A western doctor would possibly prescribe you a course of Anti-Histamines, when all you really need is to drink more water.

Personally, if I ever get a headache I try drinking a litre of two water and if that does not work, which 9 times out of 10 does, I rest for a little bit and listen to my body and intuition and that normally fixes it. I have not taken a tablet for a headache in years!

So next time you have a headache take full responsibility and make the right choice for your own healing, listen to your body before jumping straight for the tablets.

Your choice is:

  • Choose to drink more natural water.
  • Take the medication and artificial chemical which may have side effects.


Your body is healing itself whether you like it or not, and all you have do is simply get out of your own way and let it happen!

Just take a look at a healthy person. They are not healthy because they eat super foods all day long.

They just choose healthy behaviour, avoiding where ever possible, processed food or tablets. Basically, healthy people make choices that don’t interfere with the body’s own natural healing.

And the simple fact! A healthy person has the same self-healing power as you or me!

The only difference is, a healthy person takes responsibility and just lets his mind and body do what it does best.

Heal itself!

By not getting in its way.

Just look at the difference between people who take responsibility for their health and use health food shops in comparison to those to who are reactive and may look for others to fix their health by going to the doctors. There is big difference in the look of these two groups.

I would like to add and clarify at this point there are most definitely times we need to use doctors and the health service, but in my opinion is it not very often because we can do so much to heal ourselves by letting our body heal itself. This is something we will each know just by listening to our intuition.

Ok! Let us move on!

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How to Stop Your Body From Growing Diseases and Make Healthier Choices…

The medical industry wants you to believe that disease will strike at any time and there is nothing you can do about it!

One day we think we are healthy, then the next day, BOOM! We have Cancer!

The truth is, the Cancer may have been growing for ten years or more. Over this time the Cancer has been growing and we never knew it.

All diseases are created when the body is out of sync with its own healing power. There are many ways to create a disease, which is unique to each person’s lifestyle.

  • What we eat.
  • How much regular exercise we are doing.
  • Our mental health throughout the day.
  • What we are putting into our bodies (Medication)

Here are a few examples of how your life style may create disease.

A lifestyle to create Cancer

  • Always stressed
  • Eating processed meat
  • Avoid sunlight (vitamin D)
  • Expose yourself to radiation ( X rays, CT Scans)

Continue to Choose this lifestyle long enough and there is a higher chance we are going to create Cancer.

How about diabetes? There is a lifestyle for creating this too!

How to create type 2 diabetes

  • Drink lots of surgery liquids.
  • Regularly eating junk food.
  • Never going out of the house.
  • Avoiding exercise at all costs

Again! Do these things long enough you have a very high chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

There’s a lifestyle for creating all the major disease, such as obesity, liver disease and kidney stone to name but a few.

And the shocking fact is, most of us are creating these diseases right now! Of course, it may take years before you get the diagnosis.

The doctor may say “There is nothing you could have done”

Frankly, that is a complete lie!

You could have stopped making disease and made a choice to create health.

How to start creating Health

We have talked about creating disease, now we are looking how to create Health.

And the very first step, I know I have said this a number of times but I’m going to say again!

Take 100% responsibility and to make better health choices.

So, the next time you visit the doctor, use your new found knowledge and ask yourself will this create disease or health.

Remember! You do have a choice!

Choose to create disease…

  • Taking medication and vaccines that your body and mind just does not need.
  • Eating junk food and drink sugary drinks.
  • No exercise what so ever.

Choose to create health…

  • Nutritious diet that supports your own self-healing
  • Regular fun exercise
  • Spending time in nature

Two simple choices, each one will take you in different directions in your life.

So! Which one is it going to be?

Now, If you have your broken your leg, then of course you would take the doctor’s advice.

But that does not mean you cannot look at other choices to aid your own recovery!

This is from the work of Dr. Thomas Lodi, a brilliant cancer doctor who has a presentation called “Stop Making Cancer.” You can check out his clinic or watch his speech for yourself on YouTube:…

Ok the next lesson!

Don’t Follow the Crowd and Take 100% Responsibility for Your Own Healing…

Following the crowd, we all do it!

Take this example…

Let’s just say, you are out with your friends every week for a fun night of drinking. You have been doing this nearly every weekend for the last year.

It’s become a routine.

But now you have decided you are going to choose, not to drink alcohol anymore!

So on the next night out, you bravely say….

“I am not drinking tonight; I will just have an orange juice”

Now, your friends might not say a word, but more than likely they will say..

“Have a drink COME ON!”

“Come on Lighten up, Life is too short!”

Do you back down or do you stand your ground?

Follow the crowd or do what is best for you?

Now, this is just an example, but we are all following the crowd in some way or another.

  • Eating same unhealthily food as your partner eats even though you want to lose weight.
  • Taking pills for depression instead of meditating because your doctor said it was the best thing to do.
  • Going for a run on your dinner break even though your work mates want you to go for lunch at McDonald’s

So what do we do?

Simply, we must take 100% responsibility for our own health.

Yes! You will have to be a little brave, but in the end your body and mind will love you for it!

How do you do this even when everyone else is telling not to do it, or just trying to put you off?

Keep your goals to yourself!

You may have a goal to too lose weight or overcome a disease or simply become more confident.

Which is fantastic, but that does not mean you have to tell anyone. Ok yes, you may want to tell if you are living in the same house.

But there is no need to go into detail!

Why you may ask?

Well to put it in the kindest way possible, they are not on the same path as you. Yes! They may support you, but do not count on it!

For example, you might get this!

“Why are you doing that, it’s not going to work!”

This is a good one!

“Yea! I know a friend who tried that, and it did not work for her”

So keeping your goals to yourself eliminates all this negative feedback that just makes it more difficult to achieve your goals.

And then of course, when your friends, family and even your work colleges start seeing the benefits of your new outlook on life.

They will ask and wonder how you did it.

There will be no negative feedback, because they have the proof right in front of them!

Now your friends and family will start to think, if he or she can do it, so can I!

And this creates a ripple effect and before you know it everyone is on-board.

So let’s take quick recap!

  • We have spoken why the quality of life is the true meaning of health.
  • Then we found why you are already an unstoppable self-healing miracle and why we could not stop this healing power even if we wanted to!
  • How to stop your body growing diseases and to grow health instead!
  • And finally, why you don’t follow the crowd and take 100% responsibility for your own healing.

The inspiration for this post comes from an article by How to Heal Yourself in 15 Days By Mike Adams, Health Ranger, Natural News



Ok, there is!

I guess the only thing to do now is to just get started on your own self-healing journey.

I truly believe in you, you can really do this!

Start today, you will not regret it!

As always, if you need help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, I would love to know what health challenges you have naturally overcome.

Just leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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