February Fingernail Challenge
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February Fingernail Challenge

This fingernail visualisation and imagination exercise has been on my mind for some while now.

So this February I have decided to do it because mentally growing one fingernail bigger than all the rest will clearly demonstrate the power of the mind to change the body.

For next 28 days, I am going to, for 10-20 minutes each day, visualise and imagine in different ways that the ring finger nail on my right hand is growing faster than all the other nails on both hands. On this very page, I will document and log how I am getting on along with the different techniques I am using.

On the first of March, I am hoping that there will be a visible difference in growth on the nail on the right ring finger from all my other nails.

You are more than welcome to join in too and don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on.

This is all you need do:

1. Cut your fingernails on the 1st of February.
2. Pick a fingernail.
3. For 28 days visualise for 10-20mins that nail growing faster than all the rest.
4. Take a photo every day.
5. On the 1st of March share your results to see how your mind can influence your body.

February Fingernail Challenge

31 January 2018

I decided to do this challenge this morning as I was cutting my nails in the shower. So I will not cut them again tomorrow, but I will measure each nail, as soon as my calipers arrive at some point tomorrow.
February Fingernail Challenge Caliper
So this is what my nails look like now:
February Fingernail Challenge

Please comment below and keep me up to with how you are getting or what you think about this challenge.

Until tomorrow when I will give you the nail measurements and information about my first visualisation…

1 February 2018

The calipers arrived this evening, I have now measured my fingernails and the details are below:

Fingernail Measurements
Left Thumb = 11.5mm Right Thumb = 11.8mm
Left Pointing Finger = 9.5mm Right Pointing Finger = 10.7mm
Left Middle Finger = 10.8mm Right Middle Finger = 10.6mm
Left Ring Finger = 10mm Right Ring Finger = 10.8mm
Left Little Finger = 6.7mm Right Little Finger = 6mm

Now the visualisation begins to see if the I can make the Right Ring Fingernail grow faster than all the other nails.

2 February 2018

With the alarm set on my phone to remind me of my two 10 minute session for visualisation each day I am ready to go.

I am going to start by imagining that I have shrunk down to the base of the nail on the right ring finger and am building new nail brick by brick after completing each row I am going to imagine pushing the nail out, causing growth, before building another row and continue doing this mentally for 10 minutes.

Until tomorrow, have a good day.

3 February 2018

Today I have completed two sets of ten minutes imagining building a row of nail and pushing it out from inside my finger so the nail grows that tiny bit. I repeated this process today for a total of twenty minutes.

I even visualised that at one point I had a helper building the extra nail. This has given me an idea of how to speed up the nail growth process…

4 February 2018

Both visualisations today went well and are progressing nicely with the help of the additional nail builders who I imagine being my brother and good friend Ben, who are both professionals in the construction industry and would help me in real life, thus helping the visualisation ‘feel’ more real.

To extend this visualisation further I have also left a construction team building my nail on the right ring finger whilst I am not there. This team is busy working as I type this sentence. Before I start the next visualisation session I will check in with the builders and thank them for their great, tidy and efficient work.

5 February 2018

Upon starting the visualisation this morning the builders had been very productive and the nail had grown a lot and ready to be pushed out.
For the afternoon imagination session, I mixed it up a bit. By using a variation of this technique below but instead of imagining the fingers I pictured the specific nail getting nearer the knee.

6th and 7th February 2018

The last couple of days I have been visualising hard and took it to another level by introducing a couple other techniques.

The first one is that I imagine the part above and below the nail has less friction than all the other nails, enabling it to grow faster.

The second is imagining there is a control room in my head with lots of dials, sliders and switches. I finder the dials for all the fingernails and make sure the growth speed is set to normal. I then focus on the right ring finger nail and spin that dial up to full speed helping the nail grow faster. I have created a similar visualisation for healing which can be purchased from the Natural Healing Resources shop if you want to try it for yourself.

Control Room Audio

I also ‘feel’ the nail growing faster which is helpful. On top of this, I think I can see a difference in the length of the nail now too.

More tomorrow.

8th and 9th February 2018

Those little workers are doing a great job, each day I come back to the visualisation they have built a lot of nail ready to be pushed out to grow.

Another imagination I find helpful is picturing the nail growing rapidly towards the sun or moon. I also embrace the ‘feeling’ of the nail being longer than all the rest.

Speak soon.

10th and 11th February 2018

Over the last two days, I have added a new feature to the building visualisation. Along with my brother and friend, we build the nail for the length of the finger before all pushing and squashing it up to the based of the nail into a concertina. I then ‘feel’ the nail growing out of my finger as the concertina straightens out. I really can feel the sensation of the nail getting bigger.

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12th and 13th February 2018

For last two days, along with visualising, I have adapted an amazing technique created by Doctor Escudero called Noesitherapy. It enables patients to experience no pain, simply by filling the mouth with saliva and stating over and over again that:- “My right hand [or any other part of the body] is completely psychologically anaesthetised” you can see an example of Noesitherapy in the documentary below:

I stated with saliva in my mouth and believe “My nail on the right finger is growing much faster than all the other nails” I do this for the first 5 minutes. I then move on to the control room and nail building visualisations.

14th and 15th February 2018

The visualisation is now building layers upon layers to help the fingernail on the right-hand ring finger grow faster than all the rest.

So, along with all the imagination techniques mentioned above, I have started increasing the confirmation feelings of the visualisations. For example, in the mind control room, I have now found the lever for each individual fingers and when I adjust each lever the corresponding finger moves, for example when I slide the left pointing finger lever this happens:

Left Pointing Finger Up

This helps confirm that the control room is working. Above each finger lever is a dial which sets the speed for each fingernails growth speed. I make sure to set all dials to the slowest growing speed possible, except the one for the nail on the right ring finger which gets set to the fastest possible speed.

Then I imagine all the unneeded nail builders moving from the other fingernails to speed up the building of the nail on the right ring finger.

More to follow soon.

16th, 17th and 18th February 2018

Having continued the process for the last few days I am now researching addition methods. Which I will use and report back.

19th, 20th and 21st February 2018

Rolling into the final week of this experiment I have begun adding – ‘Because I have been doing [this and that] the nail on my right ring finger is going to much longer than all my other nails.’ This is called future pacing and helps set the belief and feeling of achieving the desired goal.

23rd, 24th and 25th February 2018

As I am getting towards the end of this experiment I have started checking the nail on the right ring finger, it does ‘seem’ longer. I am looking forward to measuring in a few days time. Until then I am imagining the nail being much longer than all the rest along with adding an additional visualisation of all the nail builder from the other fingers moving across the right nail finger to make it grow even faster in between each visualisation sitting.

I am also imagining, like a mechanical pencil pushing out new lead, being able to press the knuckle to push out more nail. I do this throughout the day to help the nail grow.

The next post will share the results, keep your fingers crossed for a good one.

1st March 2018

As the month of February came to an end it was time to measure the nails.

These are the results:

Left Hand
Little Finger: 1st Feb = 6.7mm | Today = 8mm GROWTH = 1.3mm
Ring Finger: 1st Feb = 10mm | Today = 11.7mm GROWTH = 1.7mm
Middle Finger: 1st Feb = 10.8mm | Today = 12.5mm GROWTH = 1.7mm
Pointer Finger: 1st Feb = 9.5mm | Today = 11.4mm GROWTH = 1.9mm
Thumb: 1st Feb = 11.5mm | Today = 13mm GROWTH = 1.5mm

Right Hand
Little Finger: 1st Feb = 4mm | Today = 7.7mm GROWTH = 1.7mm
Ring Finger: 1st Feb = 10.8mm | Today = 12.8mm GROWTH = 2mm
Middle Finger: 1st Feb = 10.6mm | Today = 12.3mm GROWTH = 1.7mm
Pointer Finger: 1st Feb = 10.7mm | Today = 12.3mm GROWTH = 1.6mm
Thumb: 1st Feb = 11.8mm | Today = 13.5mm GROWTH = 1.7mm

Even though the nail I want to be the biggest did grow the most. I expected more than the outcome which I achieved. I would say the amount it grew in comparison to the others growth could even be down to the variable of error because it is only 0.1mm longer than the pointing finger on the left hand.

During this experiment, I did read that the bigger the finger the faster the nail is likely to grow. And that the nails on the writing hand grow faster than the non-writing hand. I am left handed so on this occasion the nail that grew the most through mind power was not on the hand I use for writing.

Also when I compare the growth of the corresponding middle and ring fingers they each grew 1.7mm whereas the right ring fingernail, the one I imagined each day, grew 2mm, which is 0.3mm bigger than the others.

So to conclude this months mind power nail growing experiment, I would say there are extremely positive signs to the fact that the mind can make a specific nail grow faster than all the rest. However, I would have to say this experiment is inconclusive due to minute variables of difference.

With the amount of visualisation, time, effort and creativity I put in I did expect a more conclusive outcome but ‘it is what it is’ as they say.

That said I am pleased I have completed this experiment because it is something I have been curious about for quite some time and now I know.

Please comment below, I would love to hear your feedback.

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