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How I Healed Myself From Depression and Got My Life Back Without Taking Pills!

According to the World Health Organization as you are reading this right now 300 million people worldwide are suffering with depression!

And the problem is getting worse each year.

It is also a major cause of disease and other major health problems.

I’m sure you agree these statistics are quite shocking.

But the fact is when you are going through the hell that is depression. You just don’t care about the other 299 million.

As I know depression is very personal. You feel that no one really understands how you feel and it can feel quite lonely.

Ok, you may go and see your doctor.

After only, a 15-minute chit chat on how you are feeling your doctor will more than likely give you some medication to help with all those bad feelings.

Some things cannot be fixed with a pill!

I was in the similar situation about 17 years ago. At the time, it was the lowest point in my life!

In fact, I even considered ending my life!

I was given anti-depressants, which I knew deep down were not going to work so chose not to take them.

This led to me going through counselling for 2 years, even though my therapist, Clive, was a huge help at that time.

For quite some time I did not really feel I was getting any better!

I just felt I was going around in circles and talking about the same stuff over and over again.

But then, I had a real breakthrough that changed everything!

And that is exactly what I am going to show you right now.

    • What you are going to learn today
    • How do you know if you have depression?
    • You do have a choice!
    • How to stop procrastinating and change your life.
    • The 9 steps that I personally used to heal myself from depression…

Ok, let’s get to it!

How do you know if you have depression?

You may be saying to yourself I have depression but the fact is unless you have had diagnoses from your doctor (which I highly recommend before you label yourself as depressed)

You really do not know for sure if you have depression or that you are simply feeling sad or a feeling down.

So to point you in the right direction here are the most common symptoms of depression…

Symptoms of Depression

If you think you have any of these symptoms constantly for more than two weeks you may have depression. As stated before making an appointment with your doctor to get it checked out is a good idea.

Like what happened to me your doctor may prescribe you medication or refer you to a therapist to help with a diagnosis. Or it could be both!

If you are diagnosed with depression it could be…..

Bipolar disorder…

Previously named manic depression a server type of depression where the individual may experience server mood swings and major depressed states.

Each episode could last up to weeks or even months in some cases.

Postpartum depression/postnatal depression…

This type of depression occurs when a woman has given birth; it generally develops 6-9 weeks after the birth. In some cases can be up to several months to develop.

There is no link with this type of depression to not loving the child and has nothing to do with your character. In fact, it is a clinical illness.

Seasonal Affective Disorder…

You may know of someone with this type of depression S.A.D for short.

The symptoms are typically the same as depression. However, S.A.D generally only happens when the days get shorter. Which means there is less sunlight?

Experts say that lack of sunlight is a major cause of S.A.D. an ultraviolet light can help relieve the symptoms.

But remember this!

Feeling sad time to time is a part of life. For example, if you are grieving the loss of a loved one or even after losing your job. It is only natural that we feel down from time to time.

The difference is that you feel that even though it is a bad time it will get better.

However, if you have depression you may feel that there is no way out. You keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again.

And if you keep thinking these negative thoughts it could eventually lead to major health problems in the future.

But the good news you can choose to do something about it! Depression can be treated.

Naturally or medically, in fact, it could be a combination of both, if you choose?

That moves us nicely on to the next chapter, it’s almost as if I planned it.


You do have a choice!

You may be thinking right now it can’t be that simple. But the simple fact is you have made the choices that have brought you to this point in your life.

But you can do something about it. You can make a different choice!

So let’s make a choice right now….

Choose to continue what you are doing.


Choose to take responsibly for your own life and start making different choices.

When I was going through depression 17 years ago I asked myself a simple question that changed my life.

Are the choices that I am making right now helping me to recover?

For me, the answer was a big fat NO!

So I made a choice right there and then in that very moment to take responsibility for my own recovery.

I started to meditate, eating healthy and made sure I had enough space and time to be gentle and supportive to myself.

I realised that you can only change in this moment, the past is gone the future is not here yet. Unless you have a time machine, you can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future.

It is only at this very moment that we can make a change!

So from this very moment make a choice to do something about the depression.

It’s time to do things differently!

However, for some of us, it’s not that simple.

Even though we all have good intentions at the start, life starts to get in the way. Part of you wants to move forward and the other half wants things to stay the way they are.

Basically, we are procrastinating, even if we desperately want things to change.

And before you know it you are back to your old habits. Focusing on the negative thoughts and feeling there is no hope.

To help beat procrastination watch this video below:

Let’s make this very clear…

You are the only one who is going to do it!

But just think of what life will be like on the other side, a life where depression does not rule your life.

So let’s not put it off any longer… it’s time to finally do something to change your life, or like in my case, save it!

You may ask…How can you be so sure?

Because I have had depression and came out the other side.

And it all started by making the choice to do something about it.

Now I want you to break free from the shackles of depression and start living the life you truly deserve.

So let me share a video with you about how I beat depression and changed my life.

Before I start, these helpful tips that I am about to show, I believe, can work for anyone; you don’t need special training. I am just a normal person, just like you.

Ok, let’s get started and see if it can change your life!

I am sure you are aware that there may be others reading this post that may have similar challenges to yourself.

So why not put a comment below and let them know what you are going through and any successes you may have had.

In fact, you may be able to help them in some way?

I will also answer any questions you may have regarding your own challenges, I love to help.

Best wishes

NB: Just as a side note, For the last 6 years I have volunteered as a Listener for the Samaritans, a UK charity whose aim is that fewer people die by suicide. I spend 3 hours each week listening and offering emotional support to callers who are in distress and despair. On top of this for the last 4 years, I have been a qualified trainer of both new Samaritans going through their Initial Training as well as offering On-Going-Training to existing and long-serving Samaritans. Of all the things I have done in my life, volunteering for the Samaritans is by far the most rewarding, though as you can imagine, because of the experiences I’ve shared in this post, that is not the reason I do it.

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