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What is Natural Healing And Why You Are Blocking It?

In short natural healing power is what the body does completely naturally.

If we cut your finger, we know without any doubt that it will heal itself.

And it does!

Even if we catch a cold, we know it will just go away.

And it does! And not even cross our mind that it is not going to end your life!


If we believe that a cold or cut can be healed by the body’s natural healing power.

Then why do we not believe that we can heal ourselves from cancer?

The fact is, it’s the same healing power that heals a cold that also heals a cancer tumour!


Do you really believe you can naturally heal yourself from cancer?

For most of us, I expect the answer is NO!

Well, you are not alone!

Most of us believe that cancer is a death sentence.

But remember:

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamon


And I will show you why…

What you are going to learn

  • Why you don’t always have to believe what the doctor said.
  • Find out how what’s blocking your own healing power.
  • How to recognise the signs of the flight…Fight…freeze response?
  • How to use a relaxation technique to neutralise the Flight…Fight…Freeze response!


Ok, let us make a start!

Why you don’t always have to believe what the doctor said!

Let me ask you this!

If you were told by your doctor you have…

  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Or even cancer

Would you take his advice and resort to medication, painful surgery or even chemotherapy!

Or would you trust your own healing power?

Be honest with yourself!

Do you really believe your own healing power could heal, let’s say cancer!

We would like to think so!

And yes it is entirely possible!


Even, though you may have read the stories of other people naturally curing themselves of cancer.

You just feel deep down; you really should be taking the doctor’s advice.

That’s ok!

Now, don’t get me wrong!

I respect doctors; they are the best people around for knowledge of the human body and what needs to be done physically.

But, when it comes to a holistic knowledge of our full healing power.

A Medical Doctor would be one of the last people I would go to!

Why? Because they are focused solely on the body and medicine and there are so many other factors we can consider to aid any recovery.

Especially, with chronic diseases like…

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Back pain/ joint pain
  • Stress
  • Cancer

Take cancer for example!

In a special report to the American Cancer Society in 1972, it was stated that the average lifespan of an individual that had been diagnosed with cancer was 4 years.


People who took full responsibility for their own recovery by taking the natural route and never asking for help from any medical doctor.

Their life span after diagnosis jumped up to 12 years!

Ok, you may be thinking that was 40 years ago?

We have moved on since then, right?

But in fact! We haven’t!

Have we beaten cancer?


Ok, there is chemotherapy!

But even some medical doctors said they would refuse chemotherapy if they were ever diagnosed with cancer.[1]

Doesn’t fill you with confidence, does it!

Chemotherapy destroys the immune system in the hope to ‘reboot’ it to start fighting Cancer again, once it comes back. A bit like a computer which we turn off and on again to fix the glitch.

As humans we are producing Cancer cells all the time, it is just that, for most of us, our body’s immune system does its job and removes them.

Even after the trillions that have been spent on treatments and research in the last ten years, conventional methods have not found a cure or anything really new or groundbreaking.

So, why do we believe that chemotherapy is the only option, even though there is so much evidence to prove that conventional medicine is simply not working?

The answer, in short, it is what you believe to be true!

Let me explain!

When we were born we did not have any experiences, everything was new to us. We did not know right from wrong.

Good from bad.

We then started to learn a little from our parents.

If my mummy smiled, she was happy….If she frowned, she was angry. Then we started to recognised smells, mums perfume or the smell of cooking food etc.

And then, as we got a little older…

We would know that if we were ill, our parents would show fear and worry all over their faces.

We would then be taken to see the doctor, and he may have given us some horrible tasting medicine.

I remember that one!

Also, we may all remember…

…falling over and cutting or grazing our knee, and after running to our grown up crying…

…who would say “don’t worry it will get better all by itself”

And it did!

Every time!

Can you see the pattern here?

What we believe to be true has a lot to do with what we were taught by our parents and other authority figures as were growing up!

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Older children
  • News and media

If we go to our doctor and he/she gives us the diagnosis that we have cancer and then states that the only options is surgery or chemotherapy.

Like your parents before you, you are going to believe that to be the only answer.

We take our doctors’ word as complete and utter truth!


Because we have been taught to believe that cancer is a death sentence, even though there are countless stories that prove otherwise!

Yet! We still believe!

We all know someone who has died from cancer whether that is a family member or the man down the street.

They, more than likely, had surgery, chemotherapy or both and may have still lost their battle with cancer!

But please don’t despair! There are other options you can add to your recovery toolbox to increase your chances of healing.

Let me ask you this!

If you were diagnosed with cancer, what would you do? Just take your doctor advice or would you look for all the options and choose what is best for you?

We somehow believe that cancer is stronger than our own natural healing power!

This simply is not true!

If you do believe cancer is strong, don’t worry…

…beliefs are not set in stone.

They are constantly changing and being influenced by what is going on around us on a daily basis.

Opening our minds to other possibilities helps change any beliefs.

We are so focused on our day to day habits that we forget we just need to step back and keep an open mind!

Now I’m not asking you to stop taking your doctor’s advice or to change your beliefs.

But, what I would ask is that you look for all the options to help you overcome your illness and choose the best ones for you?

I will share some ideas later in this post.

But there may be something stopping you from trying them.

My guess that that thing stopping you would be fear and worry!

With that said, let me show you how to control fear and worry to help you change your beliefs!

How to Find out What’s Blocking Your Own Healing Power

So we now know we have incredible healing power.

We know this because we know a cut on our finger heals completely without any conscious effort on our part.

However, our past experiences and our beliefs are getting in the way of our own healing power.

So, to help combat this…

…we just need to step back and let our healing power do its thing!

And that is to heal!

“One cannot help the physiological process. The point is not to hinder it” Dr Michael Odent – Tweet this

The greatest threat to our own natural healing is fear and stress!

The amazing Louise L Hay refers to fear as being False…Evidence…Appear…Real.

Basically means, fear is worrying that a negative situation will occur.

For example…

We worry that if we do not take the doctor’s advice we may die!

Even though we get inspired by all the amazing stories of people naturally healing themselves of cancer, high blood pressure, joint pain and back pain to name but a few!

But we still worry that it will not work us!

“Worry is preposterous. We don’t know enough to worry”   Wei Po Yang

The very wise Wei Po Yang is so right!

Because there are millions of occurrences that can happen in the future and we have absolutely no idea what may or may not happen.

So if we have to focus on anything let’s choose to focus on the best possible outcome instead of worrying.

Even better that we can choose just live in the moment and fully appreciate each moment in a calm way as this Taoist story illustrates:

One day, while walking through the wilderness, a man encountered a vicious tiger. He ran for his life, and the tiger gave chase.

The man came to the edge of a cliff, and the tiger was almost upon him. Having no choice, he held on to a vine with both hands and climbed down.

Halfway down the cliff, the man looked up and saw the tiger at the top, baring its fangs. He looked down and saw another tiger at the bottom, waiting for his arrival and roaring at him. He was caught between the two.

Two rats, one white and one black, showed up on the vine above him. As if he didn’t have enough to worry about, they started gnawing on the vine.

He knew that as the rats kept gnawing, they would reach a point when the vine would no longer be able to support his weight. It would break and he would fall. He tried to shoo the rats away, but they kept coming back.

At that moment, he noticed a strawberry growing on the face of the cliff, not far away from him. It looked plump and ripe. Holding onto the vine with one hand and reaching out with the other, he plucked it.

With a tiger above, another below, and two rats continuing to gnaw on his vine, the man tasted the strawberry and found it absolutely delicious.


Don’t worry about the tiger in the past or the one that may be in your future for we do not know enough to worry about either.


Because there are too many possibilities to be concerned with anything other than this present moment.

What does this mean?

Well, the waiting tiger could fall asleep, die or a hunter could come along.

The mouse could fall into the tiger’s eye or even frightened/distract the tiger away, someone else could come along and become the tigers’ lunch. there are millions of possibilities other than the worst case scenario. So focus on the strawberry, which is this good h moment.

What is the tiger in your life?

What do you fear?

Is it the fear of dying, if you don’t take the doctor’s advice?

Or maybe you worry what family and friends will say if you don’t take the doctor’s advice?

Whatever it is?

This is what is getting in the way of your own natural healing power!

In fact, worry and stress have been proved to hamper our natural healing power!

“Almost all major illnesses that people acquire has been linked to stress” Dr Bruce Lipton

But how?

We spend too much time is a state of stress and fear.

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Marie Mongan states that ideally, we should not be in the Sympathetic part of our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) for any longer than 2-5% of our life.

The Sympathetic part is our stress Fight or Flight or Freeze part of the of our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Autonomic Nervous System

On an average day how long do think you are in the Sympathetic state?

Bruce Lipton in his book the Biology of Belief explains it something like this:

Our Immune system protects our body from illness and disease, but it is labour intensive on the body. Which is why we feel lethargic and need to rest when we are unwell. This is our body working its Natural Healing Power to get better.

He goes on to explain that the HPA Axis which is similar to the Sympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System will always top trump the Immune system and deal with any perceived threat that may destroy us as an individual. For example, anytime we are in Fight or Flight mode.

Which as we know in our dog eat dog world is quite often.

You may also be aware how when you take annual leave from work you become poorly for the first few days this could be because you relax and the body no longer feels under threat and enables the immune system to start working again.

The importance of relieving stress, fear and worry cannot be overstated because it really does enable our natural healing power to do its job.

Earlier on in this post, we mentioned that as humans we are producing Cancer cells all the time, it is just that, for most of us, our body’s immune system does its job and removes them. According to Bruce Lipton and Marie Mongan, the best think we can do it to let our immune system to do its job is to relax and remove worry and anxiety.

This is, as always, best to do when we are well but can work and be effective after we have a diagnosis.

How to recognise the signs of the flight…Fight…freeze response?

We know the fight…Fight…freeze response (F.F.F.R) is affecting how our own naturally healing power does its job.

Now we need to recognise when our F.F.F.R is activated.

As well you may know, in today’s modern world there are no sabre tooth tigers chasing us around the streets.


If you were being chased by a tiger, you would know without a shadow of a doubt that your F.F.F.R is activated.

It’s plainly obvious!

But knowing what triggers our Fight…Flight…Freeze Response in our dog eat dog world can be little trickier!

Although, even in our modern world the FFFR is extremely beneficial to us when we are in real danger!

Such as,

Having to quickly move out of the way of a moving car.

And there are times when a mother can lift a huge amount of weight, just so they can save their child from a burning car.

But for most of us in today’s modern world, we cannot run away when our F.F.F.R is activated! Like the risk of losing our job or stress from a boss.

We have to sit it out, so to speak until we can feel it through.

You must also know, that when we are stuck in the F.F.F.R state we are also stuck in survival mode!

We focus on just fear. So with these little emergencies, we look for the short term fixes and in turn, this makes us struggle to slow down and relax.

This is counterproductive!

By choosing to step back and accept where we are now and take responsibility to move on and make better choices in each moment can be extremely helpful.

Remember the Tiger story from earlier. There are millions of possibilities for the future so the best we can do, in each moment, is to pick the best behaviour to give us the most likely chance of survival.

But first we need to find out what our triggers are, then we can find productive ways to counter the F.F.F.R throughout the day.

So, you may ask, how do I know what my triggers are?

Well, each person has different triggers depending on what is going on in their life.

But for the majority of us, the F.F.F.R triggers are either physical or emotional.

Do you recognise any?

That’s ok! It might be more than one!

That’s ok too!

In fact, it is really good news.

Because, now you have found what your F.F.F.R Triggers are, you can control them!

In fact, let’s do that right now!

How to use a relaxation technique to help neutralise the Flight…Fight…Freeze response!

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