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The number 1 reason why Chinese women do not get breast cancer

Anyone who is suffering from breast cancer will know first-hand what a cruel disease it is.

In fact, 1 in 2 women just in the UK alone are affected by breast cancer.

And more than likely to be advised by a doctor to undergo radiotherapy, chemotherapy or receive painful surgery.

However, even though your doctors reassure you it is the best way to go.

You just have a gut feeling that death is just around the corner! But also know you have family and friends that want you around as long as possible.

Basically! You want to live!


This is exactly what Professor Jane Plant PhD, CBE from the UK was going through.

But something happened that changed everything!

Jane’s husband returned from a business trip to China and brought cards, letters and a gift of an amazing herbal medicine that was a cure for breast cancer!

Even though it was a challenging time, Jane and her husband had a sense of humour about the situation.

Jane remembers saying…

“If this is what the treatment for breast cancer is in China, then it is a little wonder that Chinese women avoid getting cancer”

Then it hit her!

Why didn’t Chinese women get cancer?

And what Jane and her husband discovered was far simpler than Jane could ever wish for!

Oh yes, Jane is now completely cancer free!

What you are going to learn from Jane…

The number 1 reason why women in China do not get breast cancer.

How to copy what Jane did and heal yourself of breast cancer.

The difference between success and failure.

Jane plant had an overwhelming desire to not only to find out why Chinese women do not get cancer.

But also to live!

Jane remembered a conversation with some fellow scientists from China, which they compared to breast cancer statistics between the west and in the east.

Well, quite frankly, Jane was astonished!

Only 1 in 10,000 women in China will die of breast cancer!

Compared to…

Are you ready for this!

1 in 12 will die from breast cancer just in the UK alone.

It gets worse!

In most western countries the average is 1 in 10!

I am sure you agree these figures are quite staggering.

Now you may be thinking that China has more rural areas than most western countries. And this is why the statistics are so different.

In short, NO!

Even in the cities like Hong Kong, the rate only rises to 34 deaths to every 10.000.

That is still very low compared to the western world!

There’s more…

The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have similar statistics to Hong Kong and we all know what happened in these 2 cities!

So, from all this information, Jane came to a simple conclusion…

If a western woman moved to Nagasaki or even Hiroshima, the risk of her getting breast cancer would be cut to more than half!

Before you start packing!

Jane also discovered if a woman from China moved to a western country…

Let’s say the UK!

There would be a 1 in 12 risk of getting breast cancer, just by moving to the west!

Well, at least Jane knew it can’t be genetic.

So what is going on here?

Well, in short, lifestyle!

The Chinese have a saying for breast cancer… “Rich Woman’s Disease”

Why? You may ask.

Only the well-off can afford to eat, what the Chinese call… “Hong Kong food”

Or to put it another way western food!

  • Ice cream
  • Milk chocolate
  • Pasta
  • Cheese
  • To name but a few

Jane now had the feeling she was getting somewhere.

In fact, this goes for us men out there too!

According to the World Health Organisation, the number of Chinese men getting prostate cancer 0.5 to every 100.00

However, in the UK alone the risk is 70% higher! And like breast cancer in women, they were all middle class or well off areas.

Now, Jane remembers saying to her husband.

“Come on Peter, you have just come back from China. What is it about the Chinese way of life that is so different?”

Why don’t they get breast cancer?

Jane and her husband decided right there and then to use their scientific back ground and look at it logically.

First, they looked at fats in diets

But, Jane knew from past experience and research that fat intake does increase the risk of breast cancer.

Then, something was said that changed everything.

Jane was not sure who said it first? Jane or her husband Peter…

“The Chinese don’t eat dairy produce”

It was hard to explain how excited she and her husband was, at that very moment they both knew they had found a massive break through.

This led to more confirmation on what they had both discovered…

Jane recalled how the Chinese people cannot tolerate milk.

Jane also mentioned, that people from China whom she had met always thought that milk was only for babies.

In fact, the Chinese find it very strange that we eat and drink dairy produce.

I am sure you would agree this is quite amazing!

With her science cap on, Jane started to look into it a bit further and discovered that milk is one of the most common causes of food allergies.

And found, remarkably over 70% of the world’s population cannot digest Milk, sugar or lactose.

As you may know, in the western society we eat a lot of dairy products.

  • Skimmed milk
  • Low-fat cheese
  • Yogurts
  • Cheap mince beef (ground up dairy cow)
  • Ice cream

At this point, the chemotherapy was simply not working. The cancerous lump was still the same size.


Armed and inspired with all this information, Jane did something that anyone else would do in her situation.

How to copy what Jane and heal breast cancer.

She gives up eating and drinking dairy produce altogether!

Jane was a woman on a mission; before she put anything into her body she would check the label to see if it had any trace of dairy in the ingredients.

If dairy produce was in the house, it went in the trash!


About 2 weeks after Jane’s second chemo session and  1 week of not eating any dairy.

Jane’s lump started to itch.

Then miraculously, it began to reduce in size. The tumour was in complete remission!

And then, one Saturday afternoon, Jane asked her husband Peter to confirm what she already knew.

Peter could not feel any lump, the tumour had completely vanished!

Even though they were understandably excited, they thought it would be best to get a second opinion.

So! Jane went to see her cancer specialist at Charing Cross Hospital in London.

After examining Jane thoroughly…

And after being a bit confused but very delighted, he said….

“I can’t find it!”

In fact, none of the doctors expected anyone of her type and stage of cancer to survive.

Let alone to be completely cured!

Jane is living proof that a dairy free diet not only helps to prevent us getting cancer in the first place.

But can heal or cure cancer even when all hope of surviving this destructive disease is lost!

However, you may still find it hard to believe that simply cutting out dairy will have a dramatic effect on your chances of healing yourself of cancer.

Just think to yourself, “If Jane can do it, then I can too!”

Now, you may be asking yourself, what foods contain dairy and what can I eat instead?

Don’t worry I have got your back!

A simple guide on how to live dairy free

Avoiding dairy is not as easy as not eating butter or drinking milk. Many different foods contain dairy ingredients that we are not even aware of when looking at labels.

Here is what you should be looking out for…

  • Milk additives
  • Casein
  • Whey
  • Chee
  • Lactose
  • Lactulose
  • Curds
  • Lactoglobulin
  • Hydrolysates

This list may be a bit daunting.

But this is a good habit to get into before you put any food or drink into your shopping basket.

Ok, it might be a bit time-consuming at the beginning. This will become much easier when you get to know what produce contains dairy and what are the best alternatives.

So! To point you in the right direction here is a list of the common dairy foods and suggested alternatives…

Dairy Alternatives Infographic

This is just a small number of dairy free produce you can choose from; there are literally hundreds more available.

If you do pick up something from your local shop that you are not sure that it is dairy free.

Just copy Jane’s example and check the label.

Ok, you are now armed with all this information and inspired by Jane’s amazing story.

The next step is to take action.

Not taking action is one of the most common reasons why people do not follow through and get the result they truly deserve.

Even though they are inspired by a story like Jane’s and I don’t want that to happen to you!

So! I’m not going to leave you unless I know as soon as you have finished reading this post; you are going to take action!

The difference between success and failure.

Let’s stop for a minute and have a little chat one to one.

Look I get it you still have your doubts and you already have lots to deal with already.

But let me ask you this:

Will it harm you in any way if you could cut out dairy?

Here is another question…

Do YOU really believe that chemotherapy is going cure you of cancer!

If the answer is no! Carry on reading!

Now, you may still want to choose to carry on with your chemotherapy and along with cutting out dairy just like our friend Jane did!

After all, it is your choice! And that’s all it comes down to…

A choice!

  • Take inspiration from this post, take immediate action and give yourself a better chance of healing yourself from breast cancer and live life to the full.


  • Put your eggs in one basket and just carry on with chemotherapy and hope it heals your breast cancer on its own.

Which as you know, many of the doctors did not even believe it could cure Jane’s breast cancer? Even though they told her it was the only option!

For me, it is a no brainer!

Like I said I am on a mission to get you going!

So, the best time to take action is…

Not in an hour

Not tomorrow

Not next week

But right now in this very moment!


Because you’re more than likely to be inspired by Jane’s amazing experiences, after all, she is living prove this really works.

However, if you leave it to long, life will just get in the way and it will get put to the back of the line.

And I don’t want that happening to you!

I want to give you the best chance possible to survive this terrible disease.

So, start checking labels in your fridge, cupboards and freezer and put all the dairy products in the bin.

Now that you have started, keep going!

Don’t give up!

Ok! It might be hard at first, but just think of the potential benefits?

  • Spend more time with your family
  • Watch the grandchildren grow up
  • Living cancer and pain-free

I tell you what! When you have cleared out your cupboards and put all the dairy products in the bin.

Put a comment in the box below! Also, you can see if anyone else has done the same!

A little community as it were.

That’s all for today

Speak soon

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