Heal Myself

What do I need to do to heal myself?

This really is a great question. What do I need to do to heal myself? First of all we are at the point of acceptance. The second point, this for me, is a game changer because it highlights the differences between the general Western and Eastern philosophies of health.

In the west, we have a tendency to use the health service when we are unwell and ask the doctor to make us better. In the east, on the other hand, they have the habit of going to their doctor and saying when I get unwell it is usually a chest infection or [Insert Illness or condition here]. What can I do strengthen that area of my body? The eastern philosophy is much more proactive.

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When people take responsibility for their health amazing things happen. Try this little experiment the next time you are in town. Look at the people going into a Doctors Surgery and compare them to those walking in a health food shop. Like me, I am sure you will notice the difference between the people who proactively improve their health and those who try and fix it after they are ill. So next time you become aware of your illness or weakness pledge to yourself to recover this time and when you are healthy or in a good state of mind start working towards preventing it in happening again. The saying of ‘prevent is better than cure’ is so true and it puts us in a position of power.

To conclude, to start with the simple answer to ‘What do I need to do to heal myself?’ is this:

Take total and full responsibility for your recovery.

This doesn’t mean we can have the help of others it just means you are in charge of your body and can then start looking at all the possibilities to aid your recovery. Giving yourself the best chance to heal.

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