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Why Natural Healing is Far better For You!

With the title of this blog Natural Healing Resources, I think you know which side I lean too!

But how do you choose?

Look! I get it!

We are constantly told by the media and the government that we should take this pill for this and have treatment for that!

The fact is, there are so many forms of healing, conventional and natural,

We just don’t know which way to turn!

Also, you must know that there is no one single method that covers all of our health needs.

It just does not exist!


There is one that completely dominates the whole health industry.

And that is western medicine!

In our modern world conventional medicine is everywhere.

So even if we want to go down natural healing path. We are told by our doctors that it is not advisable.

As it has not been proven in a lab and it is all just hocus pocus nonsense!

So, we are never really told that we already have incredible healing power.

In fact, in most cases we don’t need any medication or treatment to heal ourselves.

So how do decide which method is best for you!

How can you cut through the confusion and the hype!

I can’t think of any better than to put both cases in front of a Judge and a jury of the Peoples Health Court!

Entirely fictional of course! 🙂

Before we start….

What you are going to learn from the court case.

  • Why doctors think modern medicine is the only way to treat and heal the human body!
  • Why natural healing is better than conventional western medicine ( backed up by overwhelming evidence)


Ok let’s get to it!

On one side of the court, I will put my case forward to the jury via video link!

Why natural healing is better than conventional western medicine!

And on the other side of the room, a medical doctor of conventional medicine presents his evidence.

Why modern medicine is the only way to treat and heal the human body!

And of course!  To win the case we also both have to convince the judge.

Let’s say, is your grandmother!

Well! Your grandmother has seen it all in her lifetime. She will make a great judge!

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And last but not least, we have to convince the jury!

That is YOU!

The judge has set a date, which is to today!

Right now in fact!

It should have been yesterday but your grandmother had bingo!

She is the judge! 🙂


First up is the medical doctor!

Why modern medicine is the only way to treat and heal the human body!

“Ok, I would like to start by speaking for all the medical doctors out there!

By saying that the human body just needs help.

And I will prove it!

Let’s take this as an example…

For argument sake, you left here and on your way home you had a car accident. You broke your leg! And you are losing blood!

Where would you like to taken too?

The emergency room or the herbalist, may be an acupuncturist or even a chiropractor?

Of course, you would use the emergency room!

In fact! With Trauma and serious accidents which need immediate surgery.

I’m sure the jury would agree there is absolutely no other option than to use conventional medicine!

Even some infections require emergency care and medication.

And I am sure you know if you go to any medical doctor with any problem, there is a medication or treatment to combat any disease!

For example…

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Joint pain/back pain


Even if you are feeling stressed, we have a pill to fix it!

And if that does not have any effect, we can give you stronger pills!

Basically, any symptoms you have, we can fix it with medication, surgery or even chemotherapy which has all been proven in lab tests.

In fact, unless it has been proven by science then, in my opinion, it is hocus pocus and has no place in conventional medicine.

That is why most of us trust our doctors because we are the only ones that have the responsibility for your health!

Members of the jury!

I am sure you can see that conventional medicine is the only way to treat the human body!

Thank you, I rest my case!

Thank you, doctor!

Before Mark starts he has asked the jury to consider the following exhibits:

Death by Medicine by Ashley James on Scribd

Ok, Mark, you are up.

“Thank you doctor”


“Thank you Mark”


The jury has a great responsibility today, in choosing the between conventional medicine and natural healing path.

On one side you have conventional medicine that has tried to prove that medication or treatment can almost treat everything. And especially effective if the body needs fixing.

The doctor said, “The human body cannot heal by itself, it just needs help.”

Conventional medicine in brief:

  • Cares about repairing the body.
  • See us a machine
  • fixes everything with drugs and surgery
  • Only interested in repairing us when we are sick.


Then there is Marks case.

After reading the shocking statistics, taking responsibility for your own health by making better choices, in Marks opinion is the best way forward.

Natural healing also relies on prevention rather than going straight for the pills or painful treatment.

Which, in some cases, the side effects are worse than the problem you are trying to heal.

Especially Chronic disease!

Conventional treatments for Heart Disease, Cancer, High blood pressure, joint pain

Simply do not work!

In fact, chemotherapy is so devastating that even doctors said they would refuse it if they became ill!

In brief…

Natural healing which focuses on:

  • The whole person Body Mind and Spirit
  • See the human as part of a bigger picture
  • Looks at putting everything back in harmony
  • Encourages that will enable our body to heal naturally.
  • Put the individual in control, not the doctor.
  • Its purpose is to always keep us healthy.


Ok, jury, it’s down to you to make the right choice!

Not for anyone else, just YOU!

Please leave a comment below to let me know your views.

And which you think is best for you?

If you have any questions regarding this post please let me know.

Speak soon


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