Overcoming Discomfort

Why overcoming discomfort is possible.

It is a question we do not ask ourselves when we are experiencing pain. Why overcoming discomfort is possible. If we do, prior to our next bout of pain we may well be able to reduce or remove the uncomfortable sensation we call pain.

Let’s first look at examples of where people overcome discomfort in life to help us learn from them to see if we can apply it to our life.

First a boxer or MMA fighter. They train themselves to, as much as possible, take a punch. When asked how they do it one fighter explained it like this:

So, how can you deal with [pain] better? How do fighters deal with it? Fighters have all been hit before. They know that it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t shock them. Therefore, they keep their mind from panicking. And that stops the feedback loop [I mentioned above]. It means they can remain in control mentally, which allows them to make quick, intelligent decisions immediately after getting hit. They can avoid further damage and hold off their opponent long enough for the automatic physical reactions (such as eye watering and the inability to focus) to wear off.
Source: stackexchange.com

From the boxer or MMA fighter, we can learn to prepare and plan for our discomfort to ensure whilst experiencing the pain we make the best choices. We also know that the intensity of discomfort changes and does not always stay the same.

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Another group of people are Ballerinas, believe it or not, how do they overcome the discomfort of their feet being battered in pursuit of their career.

What about the pain dancers have to endure? She is avoiding the operation she needs on her knee because it would stop her dancing for six months. “To concentrate constantly on the fact that we’re in pain is wrong…
…We’re not masochists. We don’t enjoy the pain. It’s not some kind of religious ritual. You do not and should not think you have to suffer for the art.
Source: theguardian.com

What this Tamara Rojo: Principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet teaches us is that if we can learn to see any pain and discomfort as just a part of our lives and not our life defining description we can overcome the suffering and make the pain more bearable.

Then, of course, we have the armed forces who put themselves through a lot of difficult situation and discomfort. On my sister blog, I wrote an interesting article about a really cool deep breathing technique used by the Navy SEALs to help them manage their pain.

Deep breathing regulates the physiological fight/flight response that we experience when we are stressed.
Source – www.scu.edu

What this shares with us is that by breathing deeply we can relieve our stress and tension. My belief is that tension is like a traffic jam for the pain meaning it takes longer to be felt. If we breathe and relax we enable any sensation to be felt quicker, leading us to comfort more quickly.

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